Swedes Assemble! is a quest located in the second area (Suberbsville) of Goat Simulator 3. The event called ‘Swedes Assemble!’ tasks you with a quest described as so: “Help Sven build a piece of Sweden.” Your objective is to help a guy assemble an IKEA-reference product.

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The location of the event is given on the map below.

How to Help to build Sven piece of Sweden

You will see Sven inside the house trying to assemble Swekia. There are boxes that are blue in color with the Swekia label. Headbutt them to open them. You have to Lick and grab the material inside and place it within the blue mat.

There are many boxes around the house as well to break. Once you’ve done so, drag the item that drops out of the box into the middle of Sven’s house to attach the furniture together

You’ll need to find numerous blue Swekia boxes around Sven’s house and smash them open.

Once it is collected, it basically forms a teleportation device. It will spit out many Swedes.

How to Enter the Swekia Warehouse

After the quest, enter the portal to enter a massive Swekia warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, make your way to the top to find the reward, collectible and cosmetic item before being able to leave from the door above.

There’s also a trinket near the exit of the warehouse at the top. At this point, the quest will be completed.

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