You’ll come across a lot of side dungeons as you battle your way across Remnant 2’s. One of them is The Lament, which is tricky since you have to pass past a labyrinth of arrow traps before you can enter it.

 Once you get past the arrow section, you will find yourself in a room filled with corpses with symbols on them. Then continue around the room until you locate a door with a coded dial in front of it. You must determine which of these symbol combinations opens that door. We’ll demonstrate how to resolve the symbol conundrum in Remnant 2’s The Lament.

How to solve the Lament door Puzzle in Remnant 2

Near the corpse make your way towards the illuminated space by descending the ramp to find a book. The key to solving The Lament puzzle involves identifying the configuration of this symbol and aligning it with the patterns on the blankets draped over the corpse.

Now examine each corpse with the same symbol on their blanket. Then take a note of the symbols that are glowing in blue at their heads. For me there were three corpse in lower lever and one corpse in upper level.

Once you have checked all the corpses, head up to the circular puzzle slider. Enter in the four puzzle symbols from top to middle, to complete the Lament Puzzle. The order shouldn’t be important. The door will open as long as all four symbols are accurate.

Remnant 2: The Lament door puzzle reward

Behind the door is a long corridor with two chests and a ring at the end. Enter inside and go straight to a checkpoint. You can find few items place to replenish your health and ammunition along with Blood Tinged Ring at the end of the corridor.

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