This article aims to provide guidance for players of Remnant 2 seeking to progress through the Council Key Tribunal and gain access to the Council Key region. By successfully navigating the Council Tribunal room, you’ll find it easier to locate the Assassin’s Seal and the Assassin Dagger, streamlining your quest for these items.

Within the Council Tribunal, you’ll notice three high councillors’ chairs, each featuring a rectangular key adorned with a distinctive emblem and color. However, these keys are currently arranged incorrectly and can be removed from the seats and placed into your inventory.

You need to take out the keys, and then put them back in the right order to unlock the door. You can find the answer to this riddle on the floor of the Council Tribunal room that is reflected below you. You can see how the keys are set up in the Council Chamber dimension by looking down. You can get the right answer by simply replicating that identical sequence.

Left-most chair: Blue – High Councilor Savan’s Key

Middle chair: Red – High Councilor Oniril’s Key

Right-most chair: Purple – High Councilor Nyele’s Key

Once you successfully arrange the keys in their proper positions within the seats, the door will open, granting access to another chamber housing a statue. Proceed to the rear of the statue to discover the Assassin’s Seal and the Assassin Dagger.

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