This guide will help you to complete the “Talented Doctor” Side Quest in the game One Piece Odyssey, which was released on 13th Jan 2023. The main goal of this quest is to find a talented doctor from the Drum Kingdom for the woman with back pain in the Alubarna.

How To Start The Talented Doctor Side Quest

Go to the location and search for an elderly lady with blue hair sitting on a tiny seat on a street corner. She’ll tell you she’s a dancing teacher, but she’s having back difficulties. She heard about a doctor who had arrived from the Drum Kingdom and could treat her back trouble. If you can track him down, he’ll be able to make a lotion for the Old Woman’s back.

Head south along the alley to find the doctor. He may be found inside a tavern. The location is marked on the map. Inside the Mountain Dog Tavern, look for the Drum Kingdom Talented Doctor on the left side. He’s dressed in a bandana and a crimson jacket. He will inform you to get him two Gator Bananas for his medication.

Where To Find Gator Bananas

Bananas are common ingredients found in Alabasta. You can collect them from sparkling loot points, or you can obtain them from Banana Gators. Gators spawn constantly in Desert Near Alubarna, which means you can fight them multiple times to get as many Gator.

Give 2 Gator Bananas to Doctor Nafk

Once you have 2 Gator Bananas, talk to Doctor Nafk again in the same place. He’ll be overjoyed and will give the Straw Hats Pain-eez which can be used to cure the back pain of the old woman.

Finally, go back to the Old Woman with Backpain and give her the Pain-eez. She’ll reveal her real name to the Straw Hats and completes the Talented Doctor side quest which gives you your reward.

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