This article serves as a comprehensive guide for completing objectives “Open Slytherin’s Door” of the “In the Shadow of the Study” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. After meeting Sebastian , the player needs to follow him to meet Ominis . You will come to a large hall with omnis standing in the corner. To gain access to the Scriptorium, players must first persuade Ominis to reveal the location of the door. Players will be tasked with opening the Slytherin’s door.

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Open Slytherin’s Door

To open the Slytherin’s door do following : First locate the three Braziers using Revelio. From where Ominis is positioned, there are three braziers (snake-based torches) visible. Two Braziers are on the left and one on the right side.

You need to cast Confringo/Incendio on three pillars ( braziers ). All three Pillars must be on fire, thus you must move very quickly to open a a hidden path. The quickest way is to shoot Confringo while standing in a corner. If you are not quick enough, they will all burn out.

Explore Beyond The Doorway

After you open the first door, you will be able to enter the dungeon. Go down the stairs that will lead you to the secret passage. And then you’ll see some broken pieces on the floor and another door in front of you.

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