In Remnant 2, you will be given a taskto find the Soul Sparks when you first reach N’Erud. This article will guide you on how to get Soul Spark in Remnant 2 by reading this article.

The location of the Soul Sparks

Turn around, ride the lift up, and head to the Abyssal Rift after receiving the mission to find the Soul Sparks in the Forgotten Prison.

To get to the Hatchery or the Putrid Domain dungeon, descend the lift in Abyssal Rift.

Make sure to finish either The Putrid or The Hatchery Domain dungeon afterwards. You will find yourself in the Aeon Vault region after you come out the other side.

When you arrive at Aeon Vault, you must search the entire area before you come across a pyramidal building with yellow lights. This place just appeared. Locate the structure in the image below.

To get the Soul Spark Cylinder, enter the building, ride the lift down and then walk to the end of the hallway.

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