This page contains instructions on how to find and access the TotK’s Jiukoum Shrine ‘Built for Rails’, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.

jiukoum shrine location

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Jiukoum Shrine is located in Faron Grasslands, southeast of Popla Hills Skyview Tower and south of Popla Foothills. Its coordinates are : (0867, -2279, 0141)

jiukoum shrine walkthrough

In the first room, join the two planks and place your new platform on the rails, ideally between the walls so you get a good fit. Hop on and ride the rails to the next room.

In the next room you will find a treasure chest on a ledge, tucked away in a nook on the left side of the room. Join three or more planks and use it as a ramp to reach the chest.

To ride the ramp, dismantle the ramp and create a new U-shaped structure and placed it vertically on the rail. Ride the rail to the next area.

In the last area, head up the stairs, where you’ll see four separate platforms and three fans. Create a E-shaped structure and place it vertically on the track.  Take two fans and place them on those vertical slabs.  Hop on and hit the top fan to start them all to exit the shrine.

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