This page contains instructions on how to find and access the TotK’s Ukouh Shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.

Ukouh Shrine Location

Ukouh Shrine is located in the Great Sky Island region. This is the shrine that grants you the Ultrahand ability. The Ukouh Shrine is found on the northern section of the Great Sky Island region. It’s just southwest of the Temple of Time.

Ukouh Shrine Walkthrough

The Rauru spirit will inform you of the functions of these shrines after you enter the temple. Rauru will grant Ultrahand ability to Link. Enter the shrine and use Ultrahand to lift the the stone slab to your right, then drop it as a makeshift bridge across the first gap

In the next area, use Ultrahand to fuse the two stone slab together to make a long makeshift bridge. Place it across the second gap.

Once you’ve crossed the second gap, direct your attention to the right corner, where you’ll discover a chest atop a pedestal. Utilize the Ultrahand to grab the bridge, and carefully position it at a 45º angle on the pedestal to form a makeshift ramp. Ascend the ramp you’ve created and proceed to open the chest. Your efforts will be rewarded with a precious piece of amber.

In the next area, use Ultrahand to join the hook to the woodden board. Place it on the zip wire. Then jump on the the wooden platform before it start sliding.

With you standing on the platform, it will slowly go across the train line to the opposite side.

Interact with the inner shrine to get your reward – the Light of Blessing.

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