This page includes directions for finding and entering the TotK Runakit shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Runakit Shrine Location

Runakit Shrine is located just west of the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and is visible from the ground.

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions for Runakit Shrine

When you turn to look to the left, you will notice a massive sphere and a long path coming back to where you are standing, where a divot or impression that we will refer to as the “goal” is situated. Get the sphere to the desired location.

Take note of the sphere below it and the ladders leading up to it. With your paraglider, leap across the opening and ascend to the sphere.

Grab the sphere with Ultrahand, then place it on the tracks. It will descend to the following landing.

If you place the ball on the next set of tracks, which are too wide for it, it will fall and reset above, requiring you to go through the previous steps again. Take note of the four nearby pillars. Make a skewer for a sphere.

Take hold of the sphere, then place it on a flat surface. Take one pillar and position it perpendicular to the sphere at the “north pole” of the sphere. Put the other one at the “south pole” to make it appear as though a stick is neatly inserted into the sphere. This will safely roll down if placed parallel to the tracks.

Treasure Location

The third sphere landing has a treasure box in the corner with a staircase climbing up to it atop broken tracks. The quickest way to get this prize is by using the four stone panels as a temporary bridge. Lay the bridge across the faulty tracks after connecting them end to end. You will be able to access the Construct Bow in the chest by doing this.

One train and a huge sphere make up the confusing final length to the destination. These single rails have been seen before, I suppose: They are hung on hooks. You must create a hook.

Create a box or rectangle with two sides entirely open and one side mostly closed using the laying panels. This is your hook’s upper section.

To create a? without a dot, attack a column from your last landing to your hook. The sphere can be attached to the rod using glue as your “dot.” See image.

This will glide to the end if you attach it to the rail. Detach the sphere, glide down, and place it in the goal.

This lets people escape the shrine.

You’ve successfully completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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