This page contains instructions on how to find and access the TotK’s In-isa Shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.

The In-isa Shrine Location

In-isa is a shrine located within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Great Sky Island region. This shrine that grants you the Fuse ability and teaches you how to use it.

In-isa Shrine Walkthrough and Puzzle

As soon as you get inside the shrine, Rauru will grant you access to the Fuse ability, which is one of the most crucial skills. This enables you to fuse virtually anything on the ground with your weapons to produce new combat tools. Not only will this boost the strength of their attacks, but it can also greatly increase the weapon’s endurance, enabling you to use it for far longer than you would with a typical weapon. More significantly, the item fused to the weapon can change weapon’s characteristics.

After entering the first room, pick up the Rusty Claymore sword and fuse it with a boulder lying on the raise platform in the same room to create a Broadsword Hammer!

Use this newly fused weapon to shatter the stone barricade.

Head into the next room, and destroy four pillars. One of the pillar has a chest on top of it with five arrows.

Next, head to the left to find another chest is perched atop a tall wooden platform covered in foliage. Pick up the Fire Fruit from several adjacent bushes.

Hold ZR and press on the D-pad to navigate through your available materials while you have your bow equipped. When you’ve selected the fire Fruit, your arrow will fuse with it, transforming into a fire arrow capable of burning through wood and revealing a chest with a Small Key.

Finally, head to the last room to find a Soldier Construct Captain. You can use the small key to open the door. These constructs has the unique capability fuse nearby objects to incorporate into their weapons, enabling them to engage in battles against you.

To defeat the construct fire a Fire Fruit. A well-placed Fire Fruit blasted onto the dry leaves around the construct will ignite the ground around Construct. Once Construct is dead, swap to a weapon fused with a rock or boulder to smash down the last gate to claim the Light of Blessing.

How to get to Snowy Shrine

If you haven’t already found two specific locations, a Steward Construct will show up after you leave the lakeside shrine to offer you the Energy Cell. When you hit neighbouring Zonai Devices with this item, they will be powered up.

The wall of rubble to the right, which is still near the shrine, can be destroyed to reveal a chest with 5 Arrows. You can then ascend the ledge above to a high plateau, where a tree is hiding a Korok beneath a rock.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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