This article for the Chichim Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Chichim shrine location

The Chichim Shrine is situated within the Ancient Prison Ruins within Gerudo Desert. To reach this shrine, one must first reach the Ancient Prison Ruins. Accessing the shrine involves descending into a cave through a sinkhole. On the map, this sinkhole directly to the east of Gerudo Town and slightly to the south of the Palu Wasteland marker. coordinates are : (-3211, -3007, -0049).

Chichim shrine walkthrough

Once you are inside the ruin continue straight ahead along the corridor, and then use Ultrahand to pull the lever at the end of the corridor to unlock the gate.

Take a left turn and use fire-based attacks to defeat any Gibdos that you encounter. Proceed along the corridor as it bends to the right. Pay attention to the sword-wielding statue indicating the correct path. Follow the indicated direction of the statue and make a right turn beneath the partially open gate.

Ignore the lever in front of you and descend through the hole in the floor to the right of it. Crawl through the low gap in the wall to your right by bending down

Defeat enemies in the room around the corner by moving down the corridor to the left, then to the right. Climb the pile of debris in the far corner of the room to reach the upper level.

Walk down the hallway and towards the lever in front of you. The floor will collapse beneath you. Once you’ve landed in the region below, scan the area for a nearby Bubbulfrog and shoot it.

To proceed, find another statue with a sword not far from where we fell, and follow its direction. Upon reaching the corridor’s end, you’ll spot the shrine beyond a gated entrance. Employ the Ascend ability to access the chamber above.

Here you will find a chest and you will come across a pair of stone slabs positioned on the floor. Utilize the Ultrahand to shift them away, exposing a lever in the ground.

Use the Ultrahand to activate the lever, resulting in the opening of a hidden door that leads to the shrine. Proceed downwards and enter the shrine.

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