This is a walkthrough for the Side Quest “A Demanding Delivery” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this quest, you’re tasked by the giver to deliver Invisible Potions to Fatimah. The following steps outline how to successfully carry out the potion delivery.


Completion rewards180 XP, potioneer’s cap, gold( optional)
Quest giverParry Peppin
Quest level5

Starting location

To initiate the side-quest speak with Parry Pippin (NPC) in his shop in the Western part of Hogsmeade. I have marked the location on the map below.

Speak with Parry Pippin

Talk to Pippin at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade. He wants you to take the Potion to Keenbridge, which is south of Hogwarts.

Deliver 3 Invisible Potions to Fatimah Lawang

As the quest starts proceed to Keenbridge, which is located south of Hogwarts and Hogsfield. Players must visit this location to meet Fatimah and deliver the invisibility potions.

Because Keenbridge is a bit far away you can use your broom to fly to the location faster. Alternatively, you can fast travel to the nearest Floo Flame point.

When you arrive in Keenbridge, go over to Fatimah Lawang and speak to her neat the stall.

Regardless of what you choose here, she wants you to test the potion during the conversation.

 Players can try the potions by opening the Tool Wheel by pressing Tab on PC, LB on Xbox, or L1 on PlayStation. Select the Invisibility potion to drink it. The student will then vanish for a short period of time in front of Fatimah, convincing her to purchase the potions.


Finally, return to J. Pippin’s potions shop and report back to Parry to end the quest. Here players will have two options that affect the number of Galleons they can receive:

  • Thank you: 300 Galleons
  • I’d like an additional fee: 500 Galleons

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