Dondozo is a water-type pokemon and is never encountered below level 50. But despite its daunting size, this glutton of a sea creature is a pitiful hunter by itself.  This article will guide you to catch Dondozo.

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Dondozo is a water-type pokemon and appears at a single lake, so you’ll probably be able to find it easily if you’re prepared for the occasion. Dondozo is native only to Lake Casseroya, a large self-contained body of water in the northwestern part of Paldea.

How To Catch Dondozo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
How To Catch Dondozo

Paldea Pokedex: #374 Dondozo

Type: Water

Ability: Unaware/Oblivious/Water Veil

Biome: Lake (30% Chance)

Evolution: No Evolution

Characteristics: This Pokémon is a glutton, but it’s bad at getting food. It teams up with a Tatsugiri to catch prey.

Dondozo Stats:

  • HP: 150
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 115
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 35
  • Total Combat Points: 530

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