This article will guide you on where to find 14 Beacons Data for the side quest Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai: Star Rail. This guide will help you to find all the beacons

Where to find all beacon locations in honkai : star rail

You can follow the directions in this guide to locate Beacons Data for the side quest Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai: Star Rail. You must find four Wubbaboo beacons. These beacons are white floating ghost bear heads that can be discovered in the Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone

beacon data location #1

The first Beacon/Wubbaboo is accessible close to where the quest is loaded.Look directly to the northeast

It is located close to a member of the maintenance staff who is dressed in blue.

beacon data location #2

Enter the room that has a hologram in front of it ( refer to the screenshot below) . Behind the doorway, the second Wubbaboo/beacon is present.

beacon data location #3

After passing through, players will have 2 directions right and left. Head to right path to collect the Wubbaboo’s beacon data in the distance, and then go back to follow the left path

beacon data location #4

This time turn left and walk a portion of the hallway until you see a room. The 4th beacon data can be located near the enemy who is asleep next to it at the far end of the room.

signs of fragmentum quest difficulty 2

In the Signs of Fragmentum Difficulty 2 Honkai: Star Rail side mission, there are five beacons that you must find.

beacon data location #1

Turn right once you’ve entered the map.After passing the first light bridge, turn to your right and see below.The Beacon can be seen below you

beacon data location #2

After passing Beacon 1, ascend to the platform above.Enter through the entrance and up the steps to your right.The Beacon is hidden by plants if you look to your left.

beacon data location #3

The office has a door in the centre of one of the walls that will take you to another room where the path splits in two. Follow the path to your right until you come to a puzzle to find the third Wubbaboo.

How to solve the puzzle

Left , Left , Up, Right, Right, Up, Up, Right, Right

beacon data location #4

Go back to the second Wubbaboo’s location, then take the left staircase. The room has two doors, and one Beacon Data is located inside each of them. Player will be able go locate the Wubbaboo on door 1 which is hidden beneath a bridge

beacon data location #5

The 5th Wubbaboo can be located in door 2 , which is floating just above the passageway. Be careful of the enemy as you enter through the door.

signs of fragmentum quest difficulty 3

In the Signs of Fragmentum Difficulty 3 sidequest of Honkai: Star Rail quest, there are five beacons that you must find.

beacon data location #1

Turn right after passing the department member. Players will be able to locate the Beacon floating below to their left

beacon data location #2

Pass the first Beacon and go in the direction of the Unearthly Marvel puzzle (glowing platform).The Beacon can be found on the platform next to the puzzle.You can scan the Beacon without finishing the puzzle. Simply stand at the puzzle’s beginning and scan from there.

beacon data location #3

After locating the 2nd beacon , turn around and look under the bridge to see the beacon.

beacon data location #4

Go back to where you found beacon 1 Then, use the east path to discover doors 1 and 2 to locate beacon in each of them

Enter the Door 1 to locate the 4th beacon and you’ll see the unearthly marvel puzzle , solve it ( Left, Up, Up, Right, Down , then teleport from red circle to yellow circle, Right )

Beacon data location #5

Go back to the 4th beacon location and proceed to door 2 . Turn right when you enter through the door 2. Be careful of the enemies as you move through the hallways. players will be able to locate 5th beacon above the door.

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