Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 2 ) is the second of the three adventure missions. Players must wait for a server reset in order to finish Part 2 and then go to Part 3. You have to help Cyrille (NPC), who underwent an overnight transformation in this quest as she become a adult woman now.


Mission TypeAdventure Mission
RequirementsTrailblaze level 24
  LocationJarilo-VI, Silvermane Guard       Restricted Zone

Starting location

The Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone is where you can find the Mysterious Woman(NPC) . She can be found in the region’s far western region.

Talk to the mysterious woman

The Mission will begin once you have interacted with her. She will ask you for your help in solving a puzzle called “The Fool’s Box.”

Puzzle #1

For 1st cyrille

Push the left most box ( marked as a 1st box ) above 2 times , next to the top most box

Now Push the top-most box to the right side 2 times

Push the 1st box down once

Now at last , Push the box which is in front of the Cyrille to the right side once

Rescue the mysterious woman ( cyrille)

For 2nd cyrille

Push the box ( marked as 2nd box) down once,

Then push the 4th box above once ( which is on the bottom right most side)

Push the box which is near to the Cyrille to the left once and Rescue the 2nd Cyrille.

Puzzle #2

For 1st cyrille

Push the box three times to the right in the lowest lane. Then push the box forward once which is in front of the cyrille.

For 2nd cyrille

Move the two boxes which are marked with yellow arrows to the front once.

After then, push the box which is marked with a red arrow once to the right and rescue the 2nd cyrille

For 3rd cyrille

move the box which is marked with a yellow arrow to the left once

After that, move the box downward with the red arrow once.

Then , push the box with the white arrow to the left once and rescue the cyrille

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