This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the side quest ‘Well, Well, Well‘ in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this quest, you will encounter a talking WELL that will provide you with a treasure map revealing the location of a hidden treasure somewhere in the Highlands.

Starting Location: Well, Well, Well

To start your side quest, you need to interact with a speaking WELL and listen to it. You can find the enchanted well in the southeastern region of Aranshire in the South Hogwarts Region. This mystical well is in close proximity to the Merlin Trial and a Medium Bandit Camp. The location is marked on the map below.

Upon discovering the Magical Well, interacting with it is all that’s required to begin the quest. The well will engage in a short conversation and the player will receive The Well’s Treasure Map.

Investigate the Well

On the treasure map, there is a depiction of a stone bridge that guides you to a solitary tree situated amidst some ruins. You can see a location which is marked as X which is located near a waterfall. These hints will appear to you and you will receive a location to start your side quest.

To arrive at the destination illustrated on The Well’s Treasure Map, make your way toward the Irondale Hamlet in the Feldcroft Region. As you travel southwest of Irondale, you will come across a waterfall and a river flowing alongside it. Follow the water in a southwestern direction, and the ruins you seek will be located just to the west of an Ancient Magic Hotspot.

Upon reaching the ruins, approach the solitary tree and use the Levioso charm to extract it from the ground. The treasure you have been searching for will be connected to the roots of the tree.

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