This Remnant 2 Hewdas Clock guide will demonstrate how to unravel the Hewdas clock’s riddle and set it in motion so you can collect the reward.

If you’ve encountered the Hewdas Clock Tower and reached the top, you undoubtedly want to know how to start it up again. There are a few hints in the adjacent journals, but not many. Before leaving the tower, be careful to unlock the lift so you can take a shortcut.

Explore the Lemark District on the map as you make your way out towards Losomn. Everything is on fire in this area, and there are many of enemies for you to defeat.

Fighting through the burning men will eventually bring you to a tiny house full of clocks. The note within can be read to learn more about the people living there, but the clock above the desk, which you must turn, is the key to the riddle.

How to Unlock the Clock

You must follow the directions in the diary entry you discovered in the house to determine the exact time: “Look up at the Tower.”

Return to the clock tower and examine the face of the timepiece. From where you are standing, you should be able to just about tell what kind of time it is.

You’ll get a gear if you put the time you discovered on the tower into the clock in the hovel. To complete the puzzle, return to the tower, place your new gear in place, and then spin the crank. If you are only interested in the outcome, you can see our solution in the image above.

Reward for Hewdas Tower Clock Puzzle

You’ll be rewarded for your trouble with a broken watch, a raw material that may be used to create the Timewarp Weapon mod back in Ward 13.

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