This article will explain where to discover the Gutanbac Shrine, also known as the “Snow Shrine”. This shrine gives you the Ascend ability – The Ability to Rise and teaches you how to use it.

Gutanbac Shrine Location

You’ll find the Gutanbac Shrine on the eastern side of the Great Sky Island region, amid a snowy biome. The Gutanbac Shrine’s coordinates are (0709, -1381, 1584).

Gutanbac Shrine Walkthrough

The Ascend skill is granted upon you by the Gutanbac Shrine. Ascend skill help in climbing over moving platforms or ceilings. Step forward and descend the stairs under the platform. To move up to the next floor, switch to the Ascend ability and utilise it on the ceiling above you.

After reaching the above platform you will find two pillars on the wall, as shown below. To acquire a stone axe from the first treasure chest, employ the Ascend ability by standing beneath the pillar positioned on the left side.

To get to the top floor, descend and utilise Ascend on the right pillar. On this floor, defeat the Construct. Keep your shield up as the Construct draws their bow to block all of their damage. The Construct holds a bow and arrow.

Subsequently, you will come across a pair of wooden crates embedded in the wall towards the right side. Once you have demolished the crates, position yourself in the same spot where the boxes were previously located. Use Ascend to get to the second treasure chest.

Finally to exit the shrine, cut the two ropes supporting the bridge in front to make it fall. Walk below the bridge and use Ascend to rise to through the bridge.

Continue to the next floating platform that is moving back and forth. Use the Ascend skill to climb through the moving platform.

Utilize the Ascend ability on the immobile platform to reach the upper floor. Wait for the moving platform to align directly above the stationary platform before ascending. Complete the Gutanbac Shrine by interacting with the shrine up ahead.

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