This article will guide you on how to unlock all the goats in the game Goat Simulator 3. There are nine different goats in Goat Simulator 3 besides Pilgor. Some can be purchased for Karma points in the Wardrobe menu. Others need to be unlocked first by completing specific assignments. The last one can be unlocked by finishing the main story quest.

#1 Steve

You must finish the quest Rescue Steve to access Steve the goat. Go to the Yakedo Hot Springs area where you will find a small hot spring. Start dragging the fish out of the water until you find the one with the name tag Steve to complete the quest.

#2 Scarecrow

Finished the Children of Hay quest in Kyp Flash. Go to the hill at the edge of the field to find a sacrificial circle. After activating the quest, go to the field below. The objective is to lick three scarecrows and drag them to the sacrificial circle to complete the task.

#3 Angry Goat

For this go to the San Angora Zoo for the quest to initiate the quest Missing: Rossi. You must locate a captive rhino named Rosie and return her to the zoo. You’ll find the rhino on the ramp above the zoo. There are several poachers near the cage, so get rid of them first. After completing the mission, you will unlock the angry goat skin.

#4 Capra Erectus

Head to Libertarian Island. You need to find a cave entrance blocked by rocks on the cliff. Stand right in front of it and make a bleating sound. A brilliant halo will appear above you and lift the boulder. Go inside the cave. Approach the Superstar lying on a mattress surrounded to unlock the Capra Erectus Goatskin.

#5 Abominana

Here you need to complete the How It’s Made quest. Head to “Pointu Food Factory” in the Fairmeadows Ranch area of the map. Enter the main building by the underground ladders on the west side of the building. Once inside, you have to assemble the 5 conveyor belts at the factory. There are two conveyor belts inside buildings and three outside.

Lick and pull all the conveyor belts to attach together inside the factory. After doing this, the machine will start working. Three People will come out of the three chambers like bananas. Enter one of the chambers to unlock the Abominana skin.

#6 The Farmer

To get the Farmer skin, complete the final mission by defeating the last boss.

#7 Purchasable Goat Skins

  • Tasty goat – purchase for 20,000 karma
  • Tall goat – purchase for 30,000 karma
  • Tony Shark – purchase for 30,000 karma

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