This article for the Gatakis Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Gatakis Shrine Location

Gatakis Shrine can be located on the west side of The Rito Village’s lowest level. To reach it, approach Rito Village from the east and head to Lucky Clover Gazette. There, toss a Hylian Pinecone onto the campfire near the collapsed bridge to create an updraft. Utilize this updraft to glide across the gap using your paraglider, allowing you to reach Gatakis Shrine.

Gatakis shrine Walkthrough

Gatakis shrine is all about the wind and paragliding at the Gatakis Shrine. Enter the first room and cross the first gap by paragliding.

The next region has lasers all over it. You basically only need to line up in a straight line here to avoid being hit by the lasers because the wind will carry you through and you won’t descend at all: Being slightly to the left of Centre will do.

The next part is a tube where you need to descends and has a rotating mechanism inside of it. You must timing your fall such that you pass through the wind, which is blowing upward. Glide down safely to find a big sheet of ice. Carefully step on it, leap three times to break it. Continue downward.

Three constructs in the following area will shoot lasers at you. A treasure chest can be found on one of the construction platforms on the southwest side.

Where is the treasure chest?

You will find treasure chest on construction platforms in the southwest direction. You can glide to the platform and defeat the construct before grabbing the treasure chest.

After that metal-paneled wall with a gap that leads to the exit. You can glide down and cross the metal panel wall to reach the exit of the shrine.

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