In this article we will explore the sidequest “Cold Pork” in the game of Dead Island 2. Trent gives the slayer the assignment in Cold Pork to go into a local police station on Venice Beach to look for weapons. Even though the station itself is modest, the player’s progress through the assignment could be quickly slowed down if they become frustrated while seeking keys. This Dead Island 2 tutorial should facilitate a quicker transaction.

‘Cold Pork’ Walkthrough for Dead Island 2

After finishing the main mission Red Mist, talk to Trent to begin the side quest. The Blue Crab serves as a sort of centre for the Venice Beach neighbourhood. Follow the map point to the beach after Trent has given the player the mission. It should be difficult to miss the police station.

Deal with the outside undead police when you enter through the entrance as the marker instructs. The player will enter and find a toilet straight ahead and a caged space on the left next to a door leading into the police station’s main hallway.

The left-hand door is mag locked. The two path lines leading to the access points can be seen above the entrance if you look up. The electrical panel is just out of reach behind the cage on the left and can be reached by taking the green trail. Use a weapon or curveball to break it. The lavatory is accessible via the blue walkway from the maglock. The bathroom door has an electrical line right behind it, but watch out for the zombie that might spring out.

Once both electrical panels have been damaged, enter the room on the left through the opening. After eliminating the zombies, search the desk to the left of the door for the key to jail cell 2.

The police department keycard that will open the other area of the police station and the exit on the opposite side of the building is located to the right of the entrance into this room, underneath a ‘To Do:’ sign. A Dead Island 2 door in the hallway can be opened with Jail Cell Key 2. However, once they have been eliminated, feel free to plunder the riches in this jail room. A zombie is waiting to jumpscare you.

Utilising the keycard on the security panel, enter the hallway from the northeast. This room contains a sizable gated section that needs a storage room key to open because it is locked. The storage room key is on the counter if you enter the entryway straight ahead, to the right, and then turn left.

The gun case is conveniently located next to the lying dead police officer inside the gate now that it has been unlocked. There are also a tonne of additional goodies to be found, such as a shotgun and a tonne of ammunition.

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