In Dead Island 2, Body Art comprises a sequence of Side Quests that involve traveling to Francesca’s residence in Beverly Hills to obtain a “shopping list” of various autophage zombie body parts that she requests you to transport. You to have completed The Giant-Slayer Story Quest to initiate the quest.

Starting Location

To begin the quest travel to Beverly Hills and chat with Francesca.

Body Art: Visionary

To complete the first stage of the quest, your task is to eliminate a large number of zombies to acquire infected flesh. You need 10 pieces of infected flesh, and getting infected flesh isn’t that difficult. Go out into the wild and start killing zombies until you have enough flesh. Return to Francesca to finish the task.

Body Art: Heft

You must locate large arm bones for the second quest. These can only be obtained by killing Crushers and Inferno Crushers, which are easily found by travelling to Venice Beach. It should be noted that any sort of Crusher can drop this item, so it’s a good idea to kill any buff-up zombies you come across. Fortunately, you only need five of them to finish the mission. When you have enough, return to Beverly Hills and give Francesca the items.

Body Art: Moist

Your next target is Slobbers in order to obtain their Chthonic Ichor. Slobbers are one of Dead Island 2’s most elusive enemies, thus finding them might be a little challenging. The mansion in Beverly Hills where players go for the Clean and Snatch quest is an excellent area to seek for them.

Body Art: Uproar

The following objective requires you to gather Infected Spine, which is one of the hardest to obtain not because it is rare but rather because you must defeat the adversary who drops it. Screamers drop Infected Spines, and while you might locate some of them directly outside Francesca’s home, it might take you some time to kill enough of them to gather five Infected Spines.

Body Art: Vigor

You need three blade arms, which you may buy from butchers. Compared to the other zombies, butchers are considerably simpler to locate; just head to the Santa Monica Pier or the Metro to discover them.

Body Art: Dread

Three modified hearts, which are available in Mutators, are the final requirement. If you’ve previously finished the game, Mutators could be encountered rather regularly. However, if you haven’t, go to the Hollywood Boulevard exit point near the Metro to find a Mutator.

Body Art: Unveiling

Your final objective is to examine the artwork Francesca has produced once you have located all of the materials and handed them to her. Travel quickly to Roxanne’s home to check what Francesca has made and obtain the Legendary Brutalizer .

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