Curator is a quest available in the Downtown region of Goat Simulator 3. Your objective is to spray paint on four of the graffiti in the city. Here’s a guide and rough location of Curator in Goat Simulator 3. The event location is shown on the map below.

Restore the Street Art to its Former Glory

When you reach the quest location you’ll see a guy painting on the wall. Collect the gear named “Baankys” near the painter. Go near the wall and press the button (RB Xbox) to the spray paint on the wall and it’s your first street art.

#2 Street Art

The street art is located on buildings with brick walls. The location is marked on the map below. It is a flower graffiti.

#3 Street Art

The third art is of a goat on a brick wall building. The art is on the rooftop instead.

#4 Street Art

The last one is harder to find. Go to the building marked on the map. You will find a bus stop on the southern side of the building. Climb on it and then jump to reach the building’s top.

Go up the stairs and you’ll find the final street art.

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