This walkthrough will guide you through Choo Choo Charles’ Bunker Break-In mission. This is a weapon mission that will unlock the Rocket Launcher.

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Bunker Break-In: How to Get The Rocket Launcher

The mission to get the Rocket Launcher can be found in the northeast section of the island. It’s marked on the map below.

Once you arrive at the location, head inside the nearby building and speak to the shopkeeper. He’ll tell you that he built you a Rocket Launcher to fight Charles, but he needs some ammo to use it. To get the ammo, you’ll need to break into a bunker further up the trail.

When he’s done talking, look on the map to see the bunker marked west of his location (shown in the picture above). Hop on the train and head over to the map marker. When you arrive, you’ll see the bunker and a large patch of sand in front of it.

Head into the center of the pit of sand and grab the dynamite on the crate. Take that up to the bunker door just north of the dynamite location and interact with it. You’ll place the dynamite on the door, so back up and make way for the explosion.

Use the dynamite to detonate the door and head inside the door. You’ll find yourself in a long mine shaft with a mine cart full of explosives to your right and a locked door at the end of the tunnel. Interact with the explosive cart to send it hurtling into the door, causing it to explode.

Head through the now-open doorway, and you’ll find a box of rocket launcher ammo in the center of the room. Collect it up and then return to your train. Head back to the shopkeeper and give him the rocket launcher ammo to complete the mission. You now have the Rocket Launcher on your train.

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