This article will guide you on completing the mission “Find the Missing Shipment” in Baldur’s Gate 3. In the game of Baldur’s Gate 3, the “Find the Missing Shipment” quest emerges as a pivotal and multifaceted adventure where your choices wield substantial influence over the unfolding narrative.

Starting Location

To initiate this quest, venture to the designated location marked on your map. At this site, investigate the lifeless figure near the abandoned caravan to discover a letter that serves as your gateway to the quest’s mysteries.

Exploring the Zhentarim Hideout

From the Blighted Village, head northwestern to unlock the portal leading to Waukeen’s Rest. Once there, seek out a vigilant guard stationed near a modest house. Engage in a skill check, and upon success, acquire the key to access the basement.

Meeting Zyras

Descend into the depths of the Zhentarim basement, where you will meet Zyras. Your choices here carry significant weight, as a misstep could result in hostility from the Zhentarim. Proceed with caution and choose wisely.

Accepting the Job

Forge an alliance with Zyras as you agree to assist her in locating the missing shipment, setting the stage for your upcoming mission.

Preparing for the Gnoll Boss Fight and Rugan

To find the missing shipment, make your way to the northern part of the Risen Road. Here you will find a cave besieged by gnolls with two men inside. Defeat the gnolls leader. Following this intense encounter, you’ll cross paths with Rugan, and your decisions will lead to one of several outcomes:


  • Rugan and Olly successfully deliver the chest themselves.
  • Rugan and Olly meet their demise, either by your hand or at the hands of gnolls, and you secure the chest.
  • You intimidate Rugan, claiming the chest for yourself.
  • Collaborate with Rugan to deliver the shipment independently and split the proceeds, effectively outsmarting the Zhentarim.


For Option 1: Rugan and Olly return to the Zhentarim hideout with the chest. Zarys rewards you with gold, experience points, and the prized “Harold,” a blue-quality crossbow. You also gain access to Brem’s exotic stock.

For Option 2: Though not confirmed, it appears the outcome mirrors Option 1, albeit with minor dialogue variations.

For Options 3 and 4: Rugan is apprehended, and Olly meets his demise for failing their task and attempting to deceive the Zhentarim. From this point, you face two additional choices:

A – Dispatch Rugan yourself as a gesture of loyalty and align with the Zhentarim. This grants you access to Brem’s exotic stock but denies you the “Harold” crossbow.

B – Rescue Rugan and eliminate the other Zhentarim members. Rugan escapes, but you forfeit some valuable merchant items and the “Harold” crossbow. From here, you can either personally deliver the chest or open it and make a choice that shapes the quest’s conclusion.

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