The First Spark is the 3rd level of the game Evil West. This walkthrough will assist you in locating every collectible in level 3 – The First Spark.

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1) Bucks

Bucks can be found near the horses on the left.

The First Spark

2) Daily Mail News 1/4

This is in the carriages on the other side of the fountain.

The First Spark Collectibles

3) President Lincoln And William Rentier

Enter the building. The item may be found on a table to the left of the staircase.

4) Daily Mail News 2/4

Enter the next room and look for the newspaper on a table.

5) RI Files

On the bookshelf in the same room.

6) Jesse Among RI Cadets

The collectible is on top of a round table in the corner of the same room.

7) Bucks

Go upstairs to the same room. Bucks is on the bookshelf.

8) Civil War Time Photo

Return to the main hall and go upstairs. A civil war photo is on the bookshelf.

9) First Prototype Of The Gauntlet

It is on the same floor on a wooden stand above the entrance to the building.

10) A Portrait Of William Rentier

This item can be obtained by fulfilling the objective – Attend The Presentation. Where you must unlock a closed door in a room with some guards. Look for the collectible beside a bookcase on a chair.

11) Bucks

After the surprise strike, defeat all enemies and proceed to the main road. After crouching under an obstruction, proceed to the right to find bucks on the ground.

12) Bucks

After leaving the burning area, you’ll find yourself in a room with carriages and barrels. Bucks is in a chest on the left side.

13) Bucks

Interact with the lever to turn the yellow cable into a blue color. Follow the blue cable to find bucks.

14) Bucks

Defeat all the enemies in a room with the huge Tesla coil. Look for the collectible on the right side’s shelves.

15) Bucks

Climb up the ladder highlighted to reach a yellow room with heads in glass bottles. Go down the stairs and look left to find the item.

16) Jesse’s Great Grandfather

Head left from the previous location to find the item on a bench. 

17) Bucks

Go to the other side of the room to find a glowing crate.

18) Bucks

Continue the main mission, where you set fire to the place and then battle a bunch of enemies. Enter the following room, which has a broken elevator. A highlighted chain on a huge item may be seen to the right. Punch the object to collect bucks.

19) Bucks

Continue with the main mission until you reach the objective “Find William Rentier.” Keep an eye out for a highlighted chain on some wooden planks on the right side.  Smash it to earn bucks.

20) Bucks

Continue with the main mission. Defeat a group of enemies and then crouch beneath an obstacle. Go to the right to find another highlighted chain on some wooden planks on the right side.  Smash it to earn bucks.

21) Bucks

It is inside Rentier Institute. Enter the building via the big hole. Bucks is behind the tipped-over sofa.

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